Happy birthday Chicca

There are people you meet, lose touch with and meet again discovering so many commonalities with them that make you wonder why so many years have gone by without you noticing.
However, despite completely different life choices, you feel like you have always had something in common with them.

This is what happened with Chicca. We have kids that are basically the same age, our houses are close to each others in a particularly small town, we sporadically meet at the grocery store every once in a while and then all of a sudden we find ourselves having so much to talk about that those hours we have are never enough. All of this on the occasion of a more significant step than a simple birthday. Because in this case she reached a great age and her, is in great shape.

“The fact that all of this could be the chance for some kids to have a better future fills my heart with a greater joy than any physical gift could ever do…” this is what’s written on the invitation that Chicca gives to her friends to ask them to convert their presents into donations to the kids of Care&Share. The event is her birthday and I find myself, after many years, talking to her like if she had been my friend for all my life.


Me: I have to confess that when you called me the first time I felt a bit intimidated.

You: To be honest so was I, but the need to do something good was so strong that I got over it. I saw the pictures you posted on Facebook and I got curious.

Me: But tell me why India and not something else?

You: You know, I am quite wary about these things, then I saw what you do and I thought “I might give her a call and see what she says”

Me: When you told me what you were planning to do I thought, “She doesn’t even know me!”

You: You looked so enthusiastic and filled with love for all those kids that honestly I almost felt jealous! Even though I didn’t know you well I felt like I could trust you

Me: Often it is necessary to know that even those that don’t know you feel like they can trust you. You made me feel so enthusiastic! But why do you say that you’re very wary about these things?

You: Because of everything you hear around about charities that don’t use the donations for their true scope. It’s hard to trust people now.

Me: this is the reason why I feel very responsible

You: I want you to know that I don’t think I will be able to collect a huge amount of money but I would really like for them to reach the kids

Me: Any amount is good enough because over there everything is enough

You: But I still don’t trust them, I trust you

Me: I never lower my guard as well, which is why I will take care of the money personally. Are you excited about Friday?
You: I’m happy

Me: It’s supposed to be an important step…But let’s not say the digit

You: Let’s say that I see it more like a turning point and a mile stone

Me: What’s you wish? Would you like to go to India one day?

You: You know insects petrify me. I would really like to go but my fear is so big that I don’t know if I would be of any use over there. I’m afraid I could be a snag.

Me: You’re never a snag if you spend some time with the kids…maybe you might get some lice…

You: The new-borns are wonderful

Me: What do your kids think about your choice?

You: They are happy and proud

Me: Even for them an experience at Daddy’s Home would be a good thing

You: Costanza would really enjoy it, she got bugs phobia like me but when she tells me about her experiences around the world she never mentions insects…it’s not a big deal for her

…………on line………….on line…………on line…………..

You: Sorry my daughter just got home and she’s telling me 1000 things…

My heart is filled with joy when I see all the passion you’re putting into organizing your evening that you want to give to those, like you say, that are less lucky than us.
The party is still going and I am back home with your beautiful gift that I will take with me to India the next time. I really wish I could tell you that it’s going to be very soon, because the responsibility that I feel is so great that I can’t wait to be back at the orphanage, investigate like I always do in order to understand what’s needed and begin working.

While I was talking in front of your friends with the microphone in my hand my heart was beating fast because of the excitement of feeling all the curious and surprised eyes looking at me. The great thing is that very young peolple, friends of your kids, were listening to me in a way that pushed me to tell them even more, to the point that I could have kept going without ever stopping. Because when I talk about my experience in India I go back to my kids and I feel their scent, their voices, and I get a lump in my throat because I wish those scents and sound could reach all of those that are listening. In this way I turn my nostalgia, that is with me day after day in my life away from them, into a company with which I live.

Thank you Chicca for this great self-less generous act that will reach the kids at Daddy’s Home and thank you to all your friends that put their donations into the big white box. But let me thank you for getting closer to me and giving me a warm hug and for being next to me when I was there during those hard times. Because this year they really have been hard.

Happy birthday Chicca, I will disinfest India so that one day you will be able to come with me.


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